An artist signs his work.

So, why don’t you?

My Watermark: the most elegant way to put your name on your work

ugly vs beautiful

100% handwritten

A 100% guarantee from us that you will receive an individual and handwritten signature. Please feel free and watch the video, in which you will see our artist at work.

Elegant. Professional. Handcrafted. Affordable: your logo

Why My Watermark?

Top-notch. High quality

Represents and expresses the creativity of the artist


Not only marks an art but it improves its elegance

Wide range of application

Your work cannot be copied

More professional social media appearance


It's your work. Put your name on it!

Great Features! Your signature comes with our all-inclusive-time-saver-package

Forget Standard Typos

You can choose between 12 different handwritten styles. Which one is your favorite?

Bring your business to the next level

Explore Amazing Features

You will receive much more than your signature. Every order includes this awesome bonus material.

Two Colors

You will receive your signature in two different colors – black and white. All variations have a transparent background and are PNG-files.

Source File

You will receive your original file as an EPS file on top of each order.


You can add a tagline to your signature. This combination makes your signature unique. Please notice that the tagline won‘t be handwritten.


Photography is a lot of work in the lab. Save time editing your photos with our 7 different Lightroom presets, created by professional photo artists. Take a look. 

Social Media Set

We also add a photoshop mockup to your order. You never have been so fast with creating new social media posts. You will receive a template with 8 different designs.


You will also receive your signature as a photoshop brush. There is no faster way to sign your work.

Invoice Template

You will receive an invoice template that looks professional and modern. With your new signature implemented it will be outstanding and improve your company’s public image.

Business Card Template

We want to help you saving time and work because your mind should be free to create new projects. Therefor we have designed a nice template for your business card which matches perfectly with your new signature on it!

Get your signature! 

My Watermark: the most elegant way to put your name on your work.