Frequently asked questions

How do I order my signature?
You have a selection of nine different writing styles within our shop. Our artist will create your individual signature matching to your style of choice.
Which payment options are there?

You can pay via PayPal or credit card. Please notice that we have to receive payments in advance.

How quickly will I receive my signature?

You will be receiving your individual signature within 3-4 days after placing an order.

Is my signature handwritten?

A 100% guarantee from us that you will receive an individual and handwritten signature. Please feel free and watch our video on our website, in which you will see our artist at work.

The tagline will not be handcrafted. Therefor we are using existing typos but that makes a perfect contrast to the signature. You would like to have your tagline also handwritten, so please let us know. We would gladly do that for you.

Will I receive the original file?

You will receive the source file as a EPS file from us for free.

For whom is the signature suitable?

There are many applications for these signatures:

Photographers, artists, web designers, trainers, bloggers, youtubers, as a logo in general, motivational slogans, slogans in general, for wedding cards, etc…

There is an uncountable amount of possible applications. Does it suit to you or your work?

What else will I receive with my signature?

Besides your signature you will receive a huge package of additional content. Firstly we are giving you the source file as a eps-file, moreover you will receive your logo in black as well as in white and you have the possibility to add a tagline to your signature.

As a bonus you will also have your logo as a photoshop brush. There is no faster way to sign your work than that.

Furthermore, the package includes three photoshop files for your social media activities. You can use those mockups for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Last but not least: We are adding a 10% discount on your next order at My Watermark, a 30% coupon for the online shop „colors by me“ and give you the option of mentioning you in our social media channels. This is a great way to increase our reach together.

Is a revision offered?
For each order you have one free revision. You have 7 days to give us your request for change. Eventually we want you to love your signature.

An artist signs his work.

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